how to re-innovate your restaurant

The type of tables you have in your restaurant can greatly improve its ambience and service delivery. For a fast food restaurant, consider having tables with little but comfortable space per person. A family dining restaurant should invest in big tables while a coffee house will do fine with smaller tables. Restaurant owners should take into consideration the amount of floor space available in their restaurants when choosing tables. According to restaurant furniture Ontario, restaurants with outdoor dining areas should have weather-resistant furniture.

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Two to Four Person Tables
One of the most popular restaurant table designs is the two to four-person table. This type of table is often sold in two components: the base and the tabletop. Tabletops exist in a variety of finishes including wood, granite, resin, and laminate. You can add a little color to your tabletops by customizing them with your restaurant logo. Two to four person restaurant tables range in size from 24 by 24 inches square-shaped tables to 48 by 36 inches rectangular shaped tables.

A round 24 to 36 inch tabletop can accommodate two to four people. These tables are usually affixed to pedestal style bases. The bases are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. Commercial grade restaurant table are some of the best because they are designed for multiple uses.

Bar Height Tables
Bar height tables, also known as high top tables are mostly used in sports bars and pubs. These tables consist of tabletops placed on 41-inch bases. You can use a round or square tops. However, it is important to consider the base of bar height tables during purchase. Most bases come with footrests around the bottom. This type of table goes well with bar stools.

These tables create an air of privacy and intimacy in a restaurant. In addition, it is easy to incorporate tabletops and bench seats in this type of setting. Tabletops can be fixed to the wall with the bench seats put on both sides to create a row of booths. You can also opt for free standing booths which can be placed in the center of the restaurant.

Family Dining Tables
Large dining tables that can accommodate eight to ten people are popular for banquet and party room settings. This type of table is available in various shapes including round, square, and rectangular. Family dining tables are perfect for large restaurants.

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