Safe bulking process of Deca

Deca Durabolin or Nandrolone Decanoate is the most popular anabolic medicine that has Nandrolone hormone is the best-proved medicine in the bulking process. It is chemically classified as 19-nor (19-noetestosterone) anabolic androgenic medicine. It means the testosterone hormone lacks a carbon atom at the nineteenth position. This chemical change brings a lot of benefits in the human body like adding weight without any side effects. The additional benefit of Deca is that it is relatively mild in the treatment of scalp and skin. This is mainly because of the reductase enzyme present in it that helps to reduce the power of nandrolone. It acts in such a way that testosterone’s potency is increased without affecting with other anabolic medication. This medicine helps a lot in joint problems. Athletes or non-athletes, treating joint pain are enjoyed under this medicine. Even low dosage like 100 milligrams a week can entirely cure such problems from your life.

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The process of injecting for safe results

As you know that this medicine is formed from nandrolone decaonate, an ester that is the longest in existence is very oil soluble. The oil solubility means that the manufacturers have to use a very low percentage of solvent while making the medicine. Thus, it makes easier and less irritating shot when injecting. Generally, the injections are taken on a weekly basis by most of the bodybuilders. If you want to keep yourself far away from side effects it is better to add 400 milligrams of dose per week with a testosterone cycle or with a dianobol cycle. For example, if a person wants to add more power in his cycle and increase the dosage of testosterone he will simply face negative side effects. To add more power he should have kept the dosage level of the testosterone as same as it is but add this medicine to boost the effects. British Dragon Decabol for men will be around 400 milligrams to 600 milligrams per week. There are bodybuilders who take it in a small dose of 200 milligrams per week as a booster and end up to 150 milligrams per week.

Side effects caused by misusage

The treatment of this medicine can be used both by men and women. But for females, the dosage level entirely depends on their bodily condition and goal. The study has shown that British Dragon Decabol side effects are possible rather than guaranteed if taken under strict prescription. The wrong usage can build up cardiovascular effects mainly due to the water or fluid retention. A good rule of use is best when you make it in a ratio of 3:2 (testosterone and nandrolone). That means if you are taking 600 milligrams of testosterone medicine every week it is recommended that you take Deca dose till 400 milligrams and not more than that. If the absence of testosterone is seen by Deca it fails to act as a substrate for dihydrotestosterone. The body will get full of weaker nandrolone hormone that stops that natural production of your body.

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