Kingdom Hearts 3 To Feature Big Hero 6

Kingdom Hearts 3

Those waiting for the new Kingdom Hearts 3 action role-playing game that is currently being created by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Will be pleased to learn that Big Hero 6 stars including robot Baymax, will be arriving in the title in a storyline set after the events of the ugly popular Disney Big Hero 6 movie.

Over the weekend at Disney’s D23 convention the new Kingdom Hearts 3 game was announced, together with artwork that was unveiled revealing a glimpse of the storyline and characters. Check out the video below to learn more from Walt Disney Animation Studios Producer Roy Conli.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta Is a 15GB Download

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hitting consoles and Windows on November 6, series publisher Activision has announced file sizes, download times and what to expect during the multiplayer beta for the game on its blog.

PlayStation 4 owners who have pre-ordered the game can start playing the multiplayer from August 19 to August 23 while those with an Xbox One or Windows who have pre-ordered the game can access the multiplayer beta from August 26 to August 30.

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The download size of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta is around 15GB. And player progress will not carry over from the beta to the full game when it hits. During the beta, periodic maintenance will take place, making the game unplayable.

Those who have pre-ordered the game at retail outlets will have to use the beta code given by the retailer on this site to get a beta token which you can redeem on your console or PC. These tokens will be emailed from 12 AM PST (12:30 PM IST) on August 19 for the PS4 beta, and 12 AM PST (12:30 PM IST) on August 26 for Windows and Xbox One. If pre-ordered digitally from Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live you can simply download the beta when it goes live.

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While pre-orders for the game have yet to go live in India, safe to say that anyone in the country for a hankering to check out the next in Activision’s popular military first-person shooter franchise would be best served pre-ordering digitally. That is of course, if you have the bandwidth necessary to download a 15GB beta file

‘Evil Geniuses’Win Dota 2 International 2015

Teams of video gamers playing characters ranging from wizards to monsters exchanged virtual punches, fireballs and lightning strikes over the past six days, battling at the main event of the Dota 2International 2015 tournament in Seattle.

And by the end of Saturday’s finals, five players, including a 16-year-old, became more than a million dollars richer.

Now in its fifth year and playing to a sold-out crowd in the 17,000-seat Key Arena, the International has grown every year in size, popularity and possible winnings for players. The tournament launched in 2011 with a then-groundbreaking grand prize of $1 million and now offers an $18 million prize pool.

Fans, handfuls of whom roamed the arena dressed as their favorite in-game heroes, roared as the team “Evil Geniuses” secured the championship, wiping out their enemies with an earth-shaking smash and a devastating blast of frost.

Video games have long been a moneymaker for the tech sector, forecast to generate some $111 billion in revenue this year by consultants Gartner Inc. But over the past several years, playing them has turned into a full-time job for a select few top-tier players, as interest and prize pools have ballooned.

cdec_gaming_evil_geniuses_grnad_final_dota_2_reuters.jpgAccording to Valve, the publisher of Dota 2, about 11.5 million users log on monthly to play the game, in which two teams try to destroy each other’s bases in an online arena.

Players and teams came to the United States from China, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere to compete for a share of the prize pool – with roughly $6.6 million going to the winning five-player squad.

Though while the tournament was international in scope, the home team Evil Geniuses drew the most support, with fans chanting “U-S-A” and “E-G” with each spectacular play.

Syed Sumail Hassan, 16, who moved from Pakistan to Illinois chasing his dreams of being a professional gamer and is most known for playing a powerful electricity-based champion for the team, said after winning the tournament: “It just meant everything to me.”

Tickets for this year’s event sold out and hundreds have registered to attend so-called “Pubstomp” viewing parties at bars and internet cafes in cities from Los Angeles to Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Hundreds of thousands of fans have tuned in daily this week to watch streams of the event on sites such as Twitch.TV, while thousands more have packed into the arena to cheer on their favorite players live.

Ben Mussett, 24, drove two days from his native Ohio in a car packed with friends. He said he found watching video games, which he and other young fans refer to as “eSports,” more appealing than traditional spectator sports like basketball and football

Microsoft Launches Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Bundle

Microsoft has announced a bunch of details on new titles and bundles at theGamescom 2015. It, at the event, also announced a new version of its Xbox One hardware, based on one of the popular upcoming titles – Halo 5: Guardians.

The firm, besides announcing the launch date of the title – October 27, said the bundle would be available in ‘major markets’ starting October 20 (October 22 in Japan) priced at $499.99 (roughly Rs. 32,000), and detailed what it would give the Halo fans in the Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition bundle. The bundle would include an Xbox One console, pair of limited edition Halo 5: Guardians wireless controllers, and an ASTRO A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5: Guardians Edition headset. The bundle is available to pre-order. Needless to say, the bundle features a full game download of Halo 5: Guardians.

Inside the bundle, Microsoft has custom designed the console inspired by Spartan Locke and UNSC technology. The Xbox One Halo 5 version features two-tone panelling, blue metallic accents, and graphics on the vents. Also included are in-game sounds, in which gamers can also hear the Plasma Grenade charging up when turning the console on, smart-link activation when hitting the eject button and more.

As for the digital content, besides the full game download, gamers would receive a Warzone REQ Bundle, featuring 14 premium Requisition Packs, FOTUS-class armor, and exclusive multiplayer emblem. An alloy Guardian model designed by Metal Earth, the Halo: The Fall of Reach animated series, has also been given as a part of the bundle.

The limited edition Halo-themed wireless controllers, like mentioned for the console, also sports a laser-etched design. While the first controllers has metallic-blue accents inspired by Spartan Locke and UNSC military insignias, the second controller dubbed Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians – The Master Chief Wireless Controller, comes with a green and metallic orange accents borrowed from the Master Chief’s armour. It also comes with a bonus REQ Pack including the Dauntless visor. Both feature 3.5mm headphone jack. They will be available in starting of October priced at $69.99.

ASTRO A40+MixAmp M80 Halo 5: Guardians Edition headset, as detailed by Microsoft, falls in the same design profile like rest of the devices inside the bundle. The mono-headset features a custom dark chrome matte finish with metallic blue accents. Also included is an in-game REQ Pack. The headset are already up for pre-orders from retailers or ASTRO Gaming website, priced at $220 and will reach market in September this year.

Microsoft Unveils Chatpad for Xbox One Controller

If you ever craved for Xbox 360’s Chatpad accessory and wished there was something similar that you could use on your Xbox One console, Microsoft is fulfilling your wish. At the ongoing Gamescom event, the company announced a Chatpad accessory for the current generation gaming console.

Much like its Xbox 360 predecessor, the new Chatpad comes with an old fashioned Qwerty keyboard and looks identical to it. Once attached to the bottom of the controller, the Chatpad can make it very convenient for users to chat, message, and search.

The Chatpad comes with a 3.5mm jack as well as separate volume controller buttons, and two programmable buttons. The jack is meant for first generation Xbox Onecontrollers that didn’t feature an integrated jack. It also includes a Chat headset. The company says that the new Chatpad will support Windows 10. At this point there is no guarantee if it will work with the Xbox One Elite controller. The Chatpad is up for pre-order at an estimated retail price of $34.99 (roughly Rs. 2,300), and will go on sale on November 3 according to the Xbox site, but the Microsoft store points to an October 27 release.


If the Chatpad isn’t enough, you could also soon use the mouse and the keyboard that you use with your computer with the gaming console. Company’s Xbox One chief Phil Spencer noted in July that the Xbox One will soon add support for the traditional input methods.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is seemingly trying to blur the line between PC gaming and Xbox One gaming. Not only is the new desktop operating system comes with advanced DirectX 12 technology, but also allows users to stream Xbox One titles onto a PC. Microsoft is also working on bringing Windows 10 PC game streaming onto Xbox One.

Microsoft Offers $1 Million Prize Pool at Halo World Championship

Microsoft is offering big bucks to attract professional gamers to its Halo game franchise. At the ongoing Gamescom conference, the Xbox-maker on Monday announced an e-sports competition with $1 million in prizes.

The $1 million prize pool is a huge bump over the company’s offering of $150,000 at ESL America studios in Burbank, California last month, though significantly less thanValve’s $18 million commitment to Dota 2 title at The International. To be clear however, out of the $18 million, $16.4 million were contributed by in-game cosmetic upgrade purchases by players.

“The Halo series has always been synonymous with console e-sports and online competition,” wrote Microsoft. “With Halo 5: Guardians we are fully embracing that legacy with the announcement of the inaugural Halo World Championship, which launches later this year, featuring over $1 million dollars in prizing. The Halo World Championship will focus on Halo 5: Guardians’ hypercompetitive Arena multiplayer experience.”

The company also showcased its new multiplayer map Coliseum which is “a symmetrical, two-base map that includes a unique mix of elevation and sight lines, and it’s purposely built for a wide variety of fast-paced multiplayer modes.”

Over the years, e-sports have shaped up to become a large and important industry. Gamers from around the world are participating and playing against each other. These competitions are also a big motivator for professional gamers who earn their living playing games

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Gamers Can Play Entire Collection for Free

Microsoft and The Coalition, at the eve of Gamescom 2015, announced that all the gamers who buy the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle, will also be able to play the entire Xbox 360 game collection using the console’s backward compatibility feature.

The company further explained that by playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox Live from August 25 till December 31, users would also have access to Xbox 360 Gears of War Collection – namely Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment – in Backward Compatibility when it launches this fall.

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Microsoft, on its Xbox Wire blog post, reiterated that users would see a remastered original video game with ‘stunning’ next-gen graphics in the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The game also includes rebuilt cinematics and modernized gameplay. “And don’t forget the new maps, modes and missions, early access to the Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta, new Achievements, improved haptic feedback and an additional difficulty level – it’s a must-have for every Gears fan and part of the greatest games lineup in Xbox history,” said the blog post.

Furthermore, Microsoft says that all Gears of War titles will be supported by Backward Compatibility when it launches this fall. This means if gamers have purchased any of the titles on Xbox 360, they can also play the title on Xbox One as well. Previously-saved files, game add-ons, achievements and play with friends, all will stay with user’s Xbox Live account.

Microsoft Unveils FIFA 16 Xbox One Bundles With Early Access to Game

At its Gamescom briefing on Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new Xbox One bundle themed around EA Sports’ upcoming football game, FIFA 16. The new bundle, which will be available in a range of markets starting September 15, will give Xbox One users a chance to try out FIFA 16. The game officially releases on Xbox One on September 22.

In the EUR 369 (roughly Rs. 25,600) bundle, the company is packing in a 500GB console with a month of EA Access subscription. There is also a EUR 399 (roughly Rs. 27,600) bundle which comes with a 1TB Xbox One console and a 12-month EA Access subscription. With the EA Access subscription, owners of the console bundle will also get early access to FIFA 16 on September 17, five days ahead of the official release.

Both the bundles come with 3 Loan Legends. For a refresh, FIFA Ultimate Team players are allowed to make loan signings. This lets them play a legend player for a specified number of games. Also in the bundle comes with an Xbox One wireless controller, and a downloadable copy of FIFA 2016.

The new title features classic players including Baia, Best, Deco, Gattuso, Giggs, Litmanen, Nesta, and Zanetti. The company notes that using EA Access membership, users will also get an access to The Vault. The Vault is a collection of several popular EA titles. Users will be able to play it for any number of times for no charge. In addition, you also get 10 percent savings on all EA digital purchases

Valve’s The International 2015 Dota 2 Tournament Hit by DDoS Attack

The day two of The International 2015, Valve’s mega annual tournament for its free-to-play MOBA Dota 2, was stopped abruptly in the middle of the very first match of the first round for 45 minutes after its servers became the recipients of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

The attack took place in match one of the best-of-three competition between Evil Geniuses and compLexity Gaming, commentator Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloneroneconfirmed to the assembled crowd. The game started to lag and paused abruptly, though the video streaming stayed online during the entire mishap. Traditionally, most e-sports tournaments are played over LAN, but unlike other titles, Dota 2 requires a constant Internet connection – making it prone to such attacks. The game went live at 6:50am IST.

Valve has already started to receive flak from users. Many are questioning the gaming company as to why it couldn’t stop such attacks from happening, and how it plans to better guard its future tournaments. This isn’t the first time a Dota 2 tournament has faced a DDoS attack, though it it had never caused a disruption during Valve’s own International tournament. We hope the company comes better prepared on Saturday, when the grand championship will be played.

The International Dota 2 tournament began on Monday at the KeyArena in Seattle Center. The fifth such tournament in the franchise, the prize pool has been set to over $18 million this time around. Of the $18 million (roughly Rs. 115 crores) figure, $16.4 million (roughly Rs. 105 crores) has been directly contributed by Dota 2 gamers. The size of the prize pool makes it the biggest e-sports tournament to be held yet.