The year 2017 proved to be highly eventful for cybercrime and if those ominous signals are anything to go by, then it is going to prove immensely tough in 2018 to keep internet criminals on the hook. After all, some of the ominous signals that struck the cybercrime world last year were far from ordinary. But nothing probably proved to be as venomous as the infamous ransomware attack, which literally took the world by storm.

Now keeping with the trend of keeping a non-popular topic like ‘cybercrime’ into the realm of mainstream debate, in this article we’ll shed light on top 5 Biggest cyber threats to watch for in 2018.

  • Watch out for cryptojacking: Following Bitcoin’s insane rally in 2017, a new cybercrime concept called ‘cryptojacking’ has emerged. It means to secretly mine into your cryptocurrency data. In other words, if your system gets badly hit by cryptojacking, then all your cryptocurrency investment that can be in tune of millions of dollars can bite into dust in no time at all.


Now there are various ways through which your system can fall prey to cryptojackling. The most popular is when you download a malicious software/program that unknowingly mines your cryptocurrency data. The second method (which is not known to many) isIn-browser cryptojacking. Here the hackers look to capitalize on browser’s weakJavaScript tosecretly mine for your cryptocurrencies.


  • Sandbox-evading techniques will Continue to Persist:Sandbox-evading techniques that are usuallytriggered by a very advanced malware has become one of the most persistent threats in the last few years. Unfortunately, this threat is still potent enough to pose a huge threat to the entire cyber world in 2018 as well.


If you’re serious about protecting your system from this highly sophisticated threat then downloading a good anti-virus software is an absolute must. Currently, there are many good antivirus software available but we’d seriously like to recommend Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Going by its flawless performance over the years, we can surely claim this anti-virus software to be amongst the best.


  • Ransomware is still at Large: From the context of cybercrime, 2017 will be certainly best remembered for the highly sophisticated Ransomware attack. Last year, this malicious softwareblocked millions of computers and gulped down tones of precious data. The magnitude of this attack was so unprecedented that not even big multinational companies were spared. As a result, ransomware left a very deep scar on the cyber world.


Unfortunately, the ghost of Ransomware is still very much at large and resultantly we may have to relive those issues all over again. Again, here the best bet would be a good antivirus software like those provided by Bitdefender, which has been designed to take on advanced malware slike Ransomware.


  • Increase in PowerShell Attack: Most cybercrime experts unanimously agree that there may be a significant increase in powerShell attacks in 2018. Power shell attack is yet another very sophisticated attack as it does not mandate hackers to install a single piece of software to target your vulnerable system. Rather hackers try to target built-in Windows tools like PowerShellto prompt malicious activities across the system.


  • Worms based Malwares will Continue to Pose Threat: Worms based malware attack will continue to pose threat to cyber world not only in 2018 but also in all the ensuing years. The reason for that being worms based Malware attacks spread much faster than and are equally harmful when it comes to spreading malicious activities across the system.