We are all familiar with the police and medical rescue services our towns provide to keep people healthy and safe. For those who live in the more northern parts of the country, there is the road salting and plowing services that we see every year. But there are services your town offers that you probably did not even know existed. It can be fun to learn about the different services it takes to run a town effectively.

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Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Fire hydrants are those little life savers that we see all over our town but can often take for granted. Every city or town has a plan in place every year to clear away brush and snow from every fire hydrant, and some cities even paint their hydrants every couple of years. Then there is the fire hydrant testing, which is something that most citizens never see getting done.

Preschool Programs

Many parents avoid getting their children into preschool (also known as pre-k) because they fear they might not be able to afford it. In many cities and towns, the local board of education provides preschool programs free to qualifying children. Parents who are concerned about daycare needs for their children can also look into preschool programs that are five days a week and provide lunch for the children.

Food Pantry

In most areas, there are people who can have a tough time making ends meet and having enough to put food on the table. While it is usually a service provided by a local church or community group, food pantries often get the support of the local government when it comes to helping the less fortunate to get the food they need.

Each day, your city or town government performs services vital to the survival of the area residents. Sometimes these activities are easy to spot and have become a routine part of community life. But other times these activities are not as easy to spot, which makes it interesting to seek them out and watch the behind-the-scenes workings of your local government.