Nvidia Titan RTX Leaked Yet Again, May Be Officially Revealed Soon

While Nvidia is yet to reveal any new mid-range GeForce RTX cards, multiple YouTubers and influencers seem to have leaked the existence of the Nvidia RTX Titan in what seems to be a coordinated effort from the company to tease an impending launch. Reason being, it’s highly unlikely that Linus Tech Tips, Google Brain co-founder Andrew Ng, and director Gavin Free would accidentally show off a new card or break embargo at the same time.

Previous leaks (according to Hot Hardware) suggest that the Nvidia Titan RTX would be a full Turing TU102 GPU with 72 RT cores and 12GB GDDR6 memory. No Nvidia Titan RTX release date or price has been revealed and with the specs on offer, it could end up being a decent bump over the RTX 2080 Ti that has 68 RT cores and 11GB DDR6 memory. Considering the RTX 2080 Ti is ridiculously expensive in markets like India, priced at Rs 108,600, it’s safe to say that the Titan RTX will raise the bar even further.

The Nvidia RTX series has been in the news over the past few week what with Battlefield V being bundled with the hardware. Considering the glaring lack of games that make use of ray-tracing, giving would be RTX buyers access to the rare title that supports Nvidia’s bespoke tech out of the box is a welcome move. This time around, the offer is valid in India as well and lasts until January 7, 2019. Nvidia confirmed to Gadgets 360 that “consumers can redeem the game code from AIC [add-in card] partner’s landing pages where they have to enter their card’s details. If a consumer buys it from the Nvidia store, the code will be emailed to them.”

Furthermore, some game developers who have pledged RTX support have gone back on it such as Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV. Slated PC features geared towards the Nvidia RTX line-up of GPUs such as ray tracing and deep learning supersampling (DLSS) have been scuttled. While DLSS is present in a Final Fantasy XV benchmark, it’s not in the full game and is unlikely to be patched in along with ray tracing.

Other cancelled features include a robust level editor with enhanced mod support, three out of four promised downloadable content (DLC) episodes, and Comrades, Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion.