PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, PS VR India Price Dropped After GST Rate Cut

Sony India has informed retailers that the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PlayStation VR (PS VR) India price has been dropped with immediate effect. This comes after the GST Council cut rates on a host of consumer electronics including video game consoles. Both 500GB and 1TB PS4 Slim versions have a new MRP to reflect this as does the PS4 Pro 1TB console. Multiple retailers and sub-distributors speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that other PS4-related accessories that get lower prices include the PS VR, DualShock 4 controller, PS4 Aim Controller, PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset, PS4 Wireless Stereo Headset, PS4 vertical stand, and the PS4 Twin Pack.

Expect all stores, from sites like Amazon and Games The Shop to local, offline sellers to update their prices soon enough. Here’s the full list.

New PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PS VR India prices

  • PS4 Slim 1TB – Rs. 33,650 (old MRP: Rs. 36,490)
  • PS4 Slim 500GB – Rs. 28,580 (old MRP: Rs. 30,990)
  • PS4 Pro 1TB – Rs. 38,710 (old MRP: Rs. 41,990)
  • PS VR (version 2) – Rs.28,580 (old MRP: Rs. 30,990)
  • PS VR Mega Pack – Rs. 31,600 (old MRP: Rs. 34,290)

New PS4 controllers and headsets India prices

  • DualShock 4 (standard and camo variants) – Rs. 5,050 (old MRP: Rs. 5,490)
  • PS4 Aim Controller – Rs.5,050 (old MRP: Rs. 5,490)
  • PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset – Rs. 13,810 (old MRP: Rs. 14,990)
  • PS4 Wireless Stereo – Rs. 7,363 (old MRP: Rs. 7,990)
  • PS4 Vertical Stand – Rs. 1,830 (old MRP: Rs. 1,990)
  • PS4 Twin Pack – Rs. 6,450 (old MRP: Rs. 6,990)

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact these new prices have. Reason being, prior to their announcement, multiple industry sources speaking to Gadgets 360 speculated that Sony could sell the PS4 for around Rs. 20,000. However this is far from the case. Anyway, some stores put their own discount over and above MRP, selling the PS4 Pro for around Rs. 37,000 and PS4 Slim 500GB for close to Rs. 26,000 prior to the GST rate cut. Perhaps these new MRPs from Sony could see prices slip further.

That said, the PS4 has been the number one console in the country since its launch. The widely accepted install base for the PS4 in India sits in the range of 380,000 to 400,000 units including grey market sales as well as the limited PS4 Pro sold via various channels (official or otherwise) sold till date, which has seen it surpass the PS3 with which only mustered 350,000 units in its lifetime.