In the United States, roughly nine out of 10 adults use the Internet on at least an occasional basis. Also, the vast majority of employers across the nation require employees to regularly use computers. The Internet and computers are used more frequently than ever before. The rate of people using them are growing, as well. Oddly enough, many Americans don’t know how to touch type or type very quickly. Here are a few easy ways to improve your typing skills.

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First Things First – You Need Good Form

Upon first glance, you might not think that form and typing belong in the same idea. However, they very much do. Failing to use proper form when using computers or typing can result in physical injuries, muscle soreness, eye problems, and other health issues. The top of the monitor should be level with your eyes. You should sit up straight in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Move your head slightly forward to view the screen. These are all solid habits to develop as a means of preventing soreness or injury.

Force the Rate of Speed at Which You Type

A good way to improve typing skills is to type slightly faster than your current top speed. Try to maintain keystroke accuracy while exceeding your maximum typing speed, though don’t be afraid to mess up on a few words.

Don’t Use the Backspace Key

Outside of typing practice, computer users will find themselves using backspace for good reason. However, practicing without using backspace encourages you to be accurate. Further, using the backspace key takes tons of time relative to how fast you could type without deleting characters. In the real world, most computers have some sort of spellcheck, largely eliminating the need for using backspace even in the event that you make one or more typing mistakes. Typing is unarguably an undervalued skill. Although there aren’t many jobs for pure keyboardists, being able to type quickly will help you use the Internet more easily and work faster. Along with typing software, these tips will help you improve your overall typing ability.