Technological advances in appliances have made lives easier across the globe. Some of these include advances in the way washers and dryers work. Whether you need a laundry service for your home or business, here are some benefits to look for when comparing commercial laundry companies.

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Specialized Tangle Prevention

Washing table linens and bedsheets opens you up for tangles that can damage a washer or dryer. At the very least, such issues can make washing linens take longer. Some washers feature reverse cylinders to help untangle loads by preventing everything from going in the same direction all the time. There are also a few things you can do to prevent tangles in mixed loads.

Balance Speed and Efficiency

Gone are the days when you must choose your washer or dryer to be either energy efficient or speedy. The two traits have gotten closer over time and some washers now feature technology where you can customize which level of each trait you use.

Programmable Wash Cycles

If your company uses certain wash cycles frequently, those can be programmed in. Whether it’s using less water when washing table clothes or inserting a second rinse cycle for towels, programmable washers let you direct the action to increase productivity.

Getting More G Force

The speed linens move through a washer helps determine how quickly excess water is removed at the end of a spin cycle. The faster the spin, the quicker the cycle and the sooner you or your customers can shift their clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Technological advances can be found in every industry, including laundry. Successful commercial laundry companies are the ones that use these advancements to create better customer experiences. Choose the tools that serve your purposes best whether it is speed, efficiency, durability or the option to create custom programs.