When you think of places with a robust tech sector, you probably picture California’s Silicon Valley or somewhere similar. When people think of Orlando, they imagine Disney World or another of the many nearby theme parks. If the city has its way, that image could change in the not-too-distant future. As officials continuously strive to diversify the local economy, the Orlando area has already attained status as a major technology hub of the American South.

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Similarities With Silicon Valley

Greater Orlando could become the East Coast’s answer to Silicon Valley, as the two regions share many similar conditions. Industry in both places has been shaped by the development of defense technology, particularly by Lockheed Martin and the US Navy. Later, both were able to bolster their technology sectors due to the presence of major universities (Stanford and the University of Central Florida, respectively) and the associated work force of educated professionals.

Orlando’s Cheaper Housing

Where the Orlando region really has an edge over Silicon Valley is in its cost of living. This is especially true of housing. One online calculator shows housing costs in various Silicon Valley communities are four to seven times higher than in Orlando. If you can’t afford to pay the Bay Area’s astronomical home prices, you might want to consult a real estate agent lake county fl to help you make the move to sunny Central Florida.

What Types of Jobs Exist?

Modern Orlando remains a center of military simulation and training, aviation, and aerospace technology. Besides these, new jobs are being created in the field of biotechnology and related disciplines. Technology jobs are currently concentrated in the Central Florida Research Park, one of America’s largest. Many of the tech world’s biggest names already have offices here.

The market for tech jobs is taking off across the country. Orlando may be the place to be for those interested in software design and lots of sunshine.