If you’re a male looking into concealed carry, you probably know that concealed carry holsters for men are vital; they comfortably secure your gun on your body, keeping it accessible and concealed, with the trigger guard covered to prevent accidental discharge. Prior to purchasing a holster, you’ll want to decide where on your body you’d prefer to wear your firearm and what material you’d select for the holster.

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Know Your Holster Terminology

First, there are two definitions that you’ll encounter when shopping:

  • Printing occurs when the outline of your gun is obvious through your pants or shirt.
  • Retention refers to the level of security of your gun – the higher the level, the harder it is to have your gun taken from you and the harder it is for you to release the gun from its holster.

Keeping these in mind as you shop will help you choose the right holster for you.

Consider Holster Types

Choose a type that fits the precise shape of your gun, allows for some retention, and, most importantly, feels comfortable, or you’ll soon be shopping again. These types are the most popular and reliable:

  • Inside the waistband (IWB) holster – This type of holster is worn around the waist, secured by a clip either over your belt or your waistband, with the gun grip above your pants.
  • Belt holster or outside the waistband (OWB) holster – This holster is secured to your belt by a loop or sometimes a clip. It’s considered the best for concealment.
  • Shoulder holster – This variation includes a harness that goes across your back and through both arms, and your weapons fits under your armpit. It’s concealed only with a jacket or coat.
  • Pancake holster – This holster is flat with wings that prevent printing, and it’s worn at the waist.

Choose the Right Holster Material

When it comes to materials, the choice is easy. Leather is the favored holster material due to its durability, its shape retention, and its conformity to your shape.

Selecting a holster is an important decision. These points should help you begin your search for a comfortable and safe choice.