Hawaii isn’t just fantastic to visit when you’re on vacation. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or hosting the hottest trade show or tech conference, here are some tips for planning your gathering at this unique location.

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Know How Many People Are Coming

The last thing you want is to be short-chaired and short on room. If your event has a set list of attendees, choosing a venue the right size is fairly easy. If you’re managing an event that isn’t beholden to a specific number, e.g. an entertainment expo or convention, use the number of ticket sales as your guide and go from there. If the venue itself doesn’t provide everything you need, e.g. tables and chairs, you’ll likely be able to find a company that rents out furniture. Just searching terms online like chair rental hawaii online can quickly pull up some viable rental options. Be sure to make all of these arrangements as early as possible to avoid last-minute surprises.

Choosing the Right Location

While your first priority is finding a space that can accommodate everyone, don’t be afraid to pick somewhere unique and exciting. If it’s a wedding you’re preparing, for example, consider holding the event in one of Hawaii’s many fantastic beaches. Even if your event is a more formal affair, you can still spruce things up by picking picturesque or unique establishments that can bring a more upbeat feel to your meetings.

Stick to a Set Program

Plan and schedule all activities long before arriving on site, including panels, live shows, meetings and so on. Improvisation can quickly grow chaotic at events with many attendees—even “surprise” activities should be penciled in, and announced with enough lead time for people attending to take part. If possible, try not to end things too late, as your guests may want time to explore the islands during their stay.

Follow these steps and your event will go off without a hitch, while leaving attendees time to explore Hawaii’s wonders.