Horse insurance can provide horse-owners with great peace of mind. Policies can help to pay for medical bills in the event of injuries or illnesses. Some policies can also help to provide protection in the event that your horse injures someone or causes property damage. Many horse owners are curious to know the cost of a horse insurance policy. The amount you will pay will depend on several factors.

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The Type of Policy You Choose

One of the biggest factors that determine your horse insurance cost is the type of policy you choose.  A major medical policy covers many types of procedures, including diagnostics, medication, treatments and even surgery. A surgical policy would only cover surgery, but costs less than a major medical policy. You will need to figure out what type of policy would be best for your horse.

The Age and Breed of Your Horse

Younger horses are less prone to health issues than older ones. Typically, the sooner you get your horse insurance policy, the cheaper it will be. Some breeds are also more susceptible to certain complications, which can also impact the cost.

The Value of Your Horse

You will need to establish the value of your horse. This might involve supplying a record of the price you paid. The age and breed of your horse, along with other factors, will be compared against the value of similar horses. The value is an important factor in determining how much you’ll be reimbursed for and will impact your horse insurance cost.

What the Horse Does

Is your horse used simply for personal use or do you earn money from its use (such as for horseback riding lessons)? What your horse does will play into the type of policy you need as well as the cost of your policy.

When shopping for a horse insurance policy, it’s important that you do your homework. Check out different companies and get several quotes. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the best policy for you.