Tampa is a large, multicultural city in Florida. It can be intimidating at first to consider all the options that are out there for churches and other resources for Christians. But you can find resources and options in Tampa that strengthen your faith and family life.

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Obviously, the first thing you’ll be looking for is a church. Tampa is home to diverse religious traditions, as a city in the southeast United States but with a number of immigrants from other places over many generations. The US Air Force presence there with MacDill Air Force Base also brings many military members and contractors to Tampa from all over the country. Churches that are well-represented include Methodists, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Southern Baptists, and non-denominational community churches, just to name a few. Many of the smaller churches are well represented as well, because Tampa is a destination for many people in various industries.


There are many Christian high schools Tampa FL to choose from. Many parents look for a school that can accommodate their child from kindergarten to high school graduation. Another factor to consider is whether you’re looking for a school that is specific to your denomination, or which accommodates students from a variety of walks of life. Academics is important, of course, and you should also consider what school will give your child the best chance at admission to college and best prepare them for the rest of their life.


If you feel a vocational calling related to Christianity, there are a number of job opportunities for you. Qualifications usually involve being ordained and/or having a background in education, as many of the opportunities involve churches or schools. Other organizations sometimes hire chaplains as well, such as hospice care organizations, public service agencies, and schools.

Your move to Tampa can be a joyous, enriching move in your life. Get connected with institutions that enhance your faith life.