If it’s time to replace your laptop, there are several steps you need to take to ensure it’s disposed of properly. Some of these have to do with cleaning your laptop of all its files, while some fall under the category of proper laptop recycling Toronto. For privacy and environmental safety reasons, it’s important to not just toss your laptop in the trash.

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Clear Your Computer

Even if your documents are linked to a cloud somewhere, it’s still a good idea to physically back-up files. Grab a flash drive or external hard drive and copy over everything you don’t want to lose. Then, wipe your hard drive and restore your laptop to its original settings. The final step is to deauthorize your device on any necessary services. For example, if you have a Microsoft account that allow you to use its program on three devices, be sure to remove the one you’ll no longer be using.

Sell, Trade or Donate

If your device is still in good condition, you may be able to sell it and help fund your new one. As long as it’s wiped of your old files and restored, someone may be more than happy to purchase it. You could also look into trading it in somewhere for credit towards a new device, or even donate to someone who needs a laptop.

Find a Recycling Facility

If you are unable to sell your laptop, then you need to get rid of it appropriately. It isn’t enough to just throw your laptop in your home recycling bin. When not disposed of properly, electronic devices can be harmful to the environment. Find a facility that is equipped to deal with your old electronics. If parts of your laptop can be reused, you will help save the energy it requires to manufacture new materials.

Don’t just leave your old laptop sitting on a shelf because you aren’t sure what to do with it. Take the time to clear and recycle it and enjoy your new device.