Samsung Galaxy S11e Tipped to Pack 3,730mAh Battery, Much Larger Than Galaxy S10e's

Photo Credit: Twitter/ Ice Universe

Samsung Galaxy S11 may launch next year in February

  • Samsung Galaxy S11e variant battery is expected to be square-shaped
  • 3,730mAh battery to help power the rumoured 90Hz display
  • Samsung Galaxy S11e battery said to be much bigger than last generation

Samsung Galaxy S11 series is expected to launch early next year, and leaks have started to surface. The battery photo of the alleged most affordable variant –  the Samsung Galaxy S11e – has leaked via a South Korean certification site, hinting at its size and shape. The battery capacity is leaked to be at 3,730mAh on the Galaxy S11e, which is a significant leap from its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S10e.

The photo of the Samsung Galaxy S11e battery on the SafetyKorea certification site was spotted by local media The battery comes with the product code EB-BG980ABY. For those unaware, the predecessor Galaxy S10e is listed with model number SM-G970, and therefore it leads us to believe that the Galaxy S11e will have a model number that goes something like SM-G980, and therefore the battery is deduced to be of the upcoming flagship phone.

The photo of the battery is rather blurred, but the report states that the rated capacity appears to be 14.36Wh with a standard voltage of 3.85V. This means the battery is at roughly 3,730mAh capacity. To recall, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has a 3,100mAh battery, and this new battery on the Samsung Galaxy S11e will be a huge leap in capacity. Furthermore, the shape of the battery is more square-shaped and broad than the one found on the Galaxy S10e. This suggests that the Galaxy S11 will have a differently designed motherboard as well. The increase in battery could be to incorporate 5G and the rumoured 90Hz display refresh rate as well.